AGREEMENT special GFA25 3-sceen presentation Ulster University, Belfast. 2023. Documentation: Simon Mills.

Amanda Dunsmore works in art processes that explore representations of societal transformation through contextual portraiture and social historic projects. Dunsmore’s accumulative legacy practice examines place, people and moments of political significance. Her contextual portraits evolve through long periods of research and the work is often presented as a series of extensive socio-political and historical projects; through sculptural, video and drawing based exhibitions. Central to Dunsmore's art practice is an exploration of the potential of future memory; the long-term implications of socio-political art making and the legacy of visual parity in portraiture.

Dunsmore's recently completed the major artwork AGREEMENT (2004 - 2023), which features 14 video portraits of community and political leaders behind the Belfast Good Friday Agreement, sitting in silence; a special 3-screen presentation toured to five community venues across Northern Ireland over 2023/GFA25.

The artwork series MEMENTO – AGREEMENT (2023), a series of 14 reflective artworks made from a mix of typed text, pen ink portrait, with map etchings based on Amanda Dunsmore’s recollections of making the silent filmed portraits which comprise AGREEMENT