The chapter 'Accumulative Legacy Practice: Art Making as Longitudinal Social Archiving and Reflection', for a Vernon Press publication 'The Prisons Memory Archive: a Case Study in Filmed Memory of Conflict' will be published in 2022.


ISBN: 978-1-901702-53-8 Copies available Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane.

Published by Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane. Full Colour 50 pages, perfect bound, card cover, designed by Tony Waddingham. Printed to accompany the KEEPER exhibition at Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane. Introduction by Barbara Dawson. Essays by Senator J.Mitchell, Amanda Dunsmore, Fionna Barber, Cillian McGrattan. Photography by Amanda Dunsmore, David Monahan, Eugene Langan, Matthew Gidney, Dara McGrath. Edition of 500.

Amanda Dunsmore essay KEEPER

Becoming Christine

ISBN: 978-0-9565062-3-8 Copies available Amach! LGBT Galway all poceeds go to Amach! LGBT, Galway.

This book titled ‘Becoming Christine’ was published by The Outside Press to accompany the exhibition of artworks made by Amanda Dunsmore in collaboration with Christine Beynon. The photographs in the book are part of a ‘Selfie Series’, posted online by Christine documenting her transition over 12 years. The aim of this publication is to promote discussion and a greater understanding around trans gender issues by seeking to improve conditions and advance the rights and equality of trans people and their families. Introduction by Amanda Dunsmore. Essays by Liz Burns, Alan Grossman and Laura Finley. Published by The Outside Press. Designed by David Joyce. Editor Liz Burns. Photography Christine Beynon. Edition of 650. Website: