Becoming Christine - publication 100 top Irish Design Award, 2018 and is availible through Teach Solais - AMACH! LGBT, Galway. All proceeds sales go to AMACH! LGBT, Galway.
Keeper Publication
Becoming Christine Publication

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Becoming Christine - publication, 3 essays, 48 images, 64 pg. Outside Press, 2017. ISBN 978-0-9565062-3-8.
Keeper - exhibition catalogue, 3 essays, 107 images, 48 pg. 2018. Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane, Dublin City Council.
Keeper is an archive comprising artworks and gathered material relating to the lived experience of Northern Ireland. Keeper artworks are continually being developed and each is unique to the time, to the legacy and to the context. They are created from found objects, digital and film colour cinematography, black and white 35mm film photography, 35mm colour slide, digital audio site recordings, and interviews. Initially these artworks were generated from the original Long Kesh compounds (1971) and the cellular HM Prison Maze (1976 – 2000). Keeper as an art project is continually evolving. Each manifestation of the Keeper exhibition is unique to the exhibition context and gallery space. The Keeper archive has expanded over twenty years and no longer contains elements exclusive to these two sites of incarceration

The Keeper catalogue features essays by Senator George Mitchell, Amanda Dunsmore, Fionna Barber and Cillian McGrattan which contectualise the exhibition and the environment in which it is created.

Barbara Dawson, Director, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane notes the significance of the exhibition and its timing. “Keeper is an independent visual record of the extraordinary events and people that led to the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and peace in Northern Ireland. We originally discussed it in the context of a thoughtful reflection and recognition of what had occurred two decades ago.  But because of Brexit the significance of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement has once again come to the fore, leaving its historical position to take up a contemporary relevance as negotiations continue.”

The legacyof Becoming Christine in combining specific artistic elements which together create an exhibition based in portraiture, is not only reflective of an individual finding themselves but is also reflective of the enormous socio-political change that has taken place in Ireland & England over the past sixty years.
Christine’s ongoing and remarkable journey to full self-realisation and the bravery of this act, make her a true pioneer. ‘Every time I go outside my front door it’s a political statement.’ Christine Beynon, Interview 2012.
The 2018 RHA, Dublin presentation of Becoming Christine premiered the filmed video portrait of Christine to accompany the sound installation, photographs and accompaning publication. The video portrait depicts Christine outside her home in rural Galway; a home she self-built for her family.
Becoming Christine is an exhibition based on the lived experience of Christine Beynon. It is a continually developing body of work involving re-presented "selfies", sound installation and video portraiture. The "selfies" follow Christine Beynon's journey and transition over the past 12 years.  These self portraits range in tone from the painful, to the playful, from the mundane to the contemplative to the joyful. The immersive sound installation & narrated artwork was a result of a collaborative partnership between the artist and Christine Beynon.